Hi, I’m Claire. At the age of 10 years old, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Throughout the years my curves progressed enough to the point where I would need a Boston Back Brace in 8th grade. Like any normal teenager, I freaked out when I found out that I would have to spend the next few years finding clothes that would cover a big plastic shell wrapped around my body. I remember coming home from school almost every day, rushing to my room and crying in fear of actually wearing the brace. When I eventually got it, times were even worse. I had never seen anything like it before and had trouble adjusting to it. At the time, I really could have used some sort of instruction or support, not from a doctor but from someone who could help me understand this new strange lifestyle.

We switched doctors, and I found out that the brace I had been wearing for the past 6 months was actually too small under the arm and I had to get another one. After some time getting used to the tightness, I became completely fine with the new Boston Brace because it made me look skinny.

Eventually, things began to look up. I discovered that I could do some really cool things in my brace that most people can’t and all my friends loved signing it. After another two years, I was introduced to the Providence night brace and wore it all 10th grade. It was funny and I would occasionally wake up with strange sores but I was happy that I could wear whatever I wanted all day. Sometimes these sores would get bad enough that I started seeing my physical therapist, Gail, who introduced me to the Schroth Method, a type of physical therapy designed to help people with scoliosis. She taught me multiple methods that I will use for the rest of my life and have improved my posture after much practice.


Unfortunately, there are millions more people who have stories just like mine. I often say I am aware Scoliosis isn’t the biggest problem in the world right now, but it is still a problem. For years, I have wanted to make a website like this and with the help of many; we have been able to accomplish this product that will hopefully make the experience of wearing a back brace more enjoyable.

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